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Montag, 6. Februar 2017

Mount Tomaree and Nelson Bay

Hiking up and smiling down upon the world!

Amazing few from Mount Tomaree Lookout
After a few days just chilling, relaxing, doing short trips to different beaches and enjoying the calm after all the sight seeing, we decided it was time für a day trip. Our choice was: taking the ferry alongside the Myall River, through the Bay to Nelson Bay. From there we wanted to hike up Mount Tomaree.

Not every fin belongs to a shark

A dolphin fin
As soon as the ferry left shore, we got really excited, because we were promised, that you can see dolphins underneath the Singing Bridge. I have never seen dolphins before but it is a childhood dream of mine. Aaaaaand... WE DID SEE DOLPHINS :) Unfortunately, they weren't in a playful mood - so no jumping out of the water, but we did see some fins.

Over beaches and up the hill

Enjoying the calm on top of the hill
Arriving in Nelson Bay, it took us almost two hours to walk over the sand beaches to the start of Mount Tomaree National Park. Even while hiking up to the lookout, we got some amazing views down on the ocean, the beaches, the other hills and against our expectations everything was so green! Because where we are staying, there hasn't been a proper rain for weeks, everything is brown and burned. Here it was amazing! Finally up the hill (161 m high), we enjoyed the best lookout and the wind, blowing our sweat away. It was so worth it!

Please, forgive me for my spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes!! My mother tongue is German. 

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