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Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

Adelaide and Hahndorf

Adelaide - Where is the big city?

The wonderful facade of a sweets shop in Adelaide
Right after we arrived, Adelaide was a big surprise for us: No skyscrapers, no "business-buildings". Everything just looked like Suburbia - even though we were staying directly in the center. Adelaide was the first big city, that was really different, less European, more like you would imagine an Australien Town. Still, our first impression was - in the burning heat without a single breeze - pretty bad. But - As soon as the sun was down and the people of the city found there way into the streets, we fell back in our tourist way, which lets us ride a wave, living in a bubble, totally relaxed and chilled and every house was worth a picture again.

Sweets, everywhere sweets!

Sweets, sweets, lots of sweets
The most impressiv one on our first evening was the sweets shop, we passed by by chance. After seeing the amazing shop windows - it was clear to us, that we have to come back the next day. And they have everything a sweet junkie could wish for: chocolate, lollipops, sweets, ice cream and fudge.

Relaxation at Victoria Square

Victoria Square Well by Night
Right on top of our to-do-list was Victoria Square, the most famous place in Adelaide. Kids were playing in the water fountains, that came rushing up from the ground and the evening atmosphere just gave it this amazing feel of coziness. So cozy, that a pedestrian just took of all his clothes and went for a spring in the well - completely naked.

Looking for breakfast

The very hungry pigs at Rundle Mall
Even back in Melbourne we learned that Australian people are not really breakfast people. Dann before ten everything was closed. Thanks to Tripadviser, we found "Luigi's" - a coffee house with daily changing breakfast menu. Definitively advisable! On our way, we came by Rundle Mall and the there living very hungry, wild pigs (look at the picture for details).
Because both of us aren't city-people, we fled to the parks. Unfortunately in March Festival season is starting, so all parks were closed to make them ready for the music-, streetfood,- and art festivals that will be here right after we will be gone again. We picked the wrong dates.. But... This way there were less people and everything was calm and laid back.
In the end we found our way to the Botanic Gardens, in every city, you have nice shady places in the Botanic Gardens.
Ducks in the Park - Following us because they wanted our

Old buildings, churches and the library

Flowers in this heat - who would've
On our way back to the hotel - pretty exhausted already because of the heat - we strolled by the art-mile! From the old university buildings, the Art Gallery of Adelaide to the State Library of South Australia - all buildings were old and in pretty good condition, surrounded by trees, statues and flowers: A dream!

It's the library of Hogwarts!
Despite our tiredness, I just had to see the library - and again, my breath was taken away! I found the library of Hogwarts - or at least the part, that you have to find your way through in the Harry Potter 1 Computer Game, where you have to jump on the book shelves and find your way... Oooops, I get away from the topic... One of the most beautiful libraries of the world (that's what the flyer says). The great thing about the libraries here is, that the books are not unapproachable, there are just there - for you to touch or smell or pet or feel...

Let's go to Germany - it's just a 45 minutes bus ride!

After two days of sight seeing in Adelaide, we had seen everything already, so we decided to take the bus to Hahndorf, one of the oldest villages around in Australia, founded by Germans who fled Germany because of religious persecution. And the area was not just famous for it cuckoo clocks, leather pants and "German stuff" - but also for wine? As an Austrian, I doubt that! The wine beer border runs through Austria. Everything south of it, like France, Italy, Spain, Greece or Portugal are having great wine - everything north of it, like Czechia, Ireland, Denmark, Poland - and also Germany are famous for there beer, not the wine!
Oh beautiful vineyards of South Australia .. 

Book art is the best art :)
Because Hahndorf was mostly full of tourist shops, art shops, cloth shops, German shops and any other kind of shop you can imagine, we hiked out a bit, to see the vineyard scenery. That was really lovely!
Another amazing thing was a tiny tiny exhibition with book art!  I am really unsure what the exhibition was about, but the books with those marvelous paintings in them, were worth a visit. So if you are in the area, go to Hahndorf - it is touristy, it is small, but you have nice exhibition, nice landscape around and also: nice food! Where else can you have pancakes with fresh fruit for lunch? :)

Please, forgive me for all my spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes!! My mother tongue is German.

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