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Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

Roadtrip - Eastcoast

The smell of the ocean

To get from Brisbane to our 2-months-home in the Tea Gardens-Hawk's Nest area, we did a 3-day-road trip alongside the east coast.

Byron Bay - From a hippie town to a tourist magnet

The view down from the light house
After four days in Brisbane, we went on south. Our first little stop was Mount Tamborine, a vineyard region full of shopping possibilities: The charm of this place came from all the little shops - from sweets over cheese to wine and beer and alternative clothes, you could find anything here.
The light house of Byron Bay
In the early afternoon we reached Byron Bay, the alternative surfer town, that made it to the top five places, I've ever been to. In the town center one tourist shop with quality, alternative or even second-hand-products stood after another. And at the end of those streets lies the most stunning beach I've ever seen. White sand, blue ocean and since it is the most easterly point of mainland Australia - you know, at the end of all the water will be South America.
The really exactly most easterly point is marked by a light house, to which you can hike up to. I wanted to get up in the morning to see the sunrise - unfortunately my alarm didn't ring! I woke up 20 minutes too late but still decided to go - and it was amazing! I am so happy I did it. Although the sun was high up by the time I reached the top, the light was amazing, the ocean was glittering and sparkling magically.

Coffs Harbour - A hidden beauty

The beautiful harbour at sunset
Stop at the Thursday Plantation
After breakfast we continued our journey. A single stop on our way to Coffs Harbour was the Thursday Plantation, where they produce and sell alternative cosmetics, medicine and oil, everything made from the tea tree.
We arrived in Coffs Harbour late afternoon - with the sun still up. I enjoyed the cooler evening on the beach with the most beautiful harbour lights, reflected by the water. The wind was blowing all my thoughts away and I got inspired by the amazing smell of the ocean. I wonder, why Coffs Harbour is not as famous for its beauty as Byron Bay. Maybe because it's so much bigger? I don't know ...

Arriving home

The last day we missed the exit to one of the sights, we wanted to see, so we drove without stop to our home for the next two months, our basis of operation for the sight seeing tours we planned.
After over two weeks of sight seeing, being amazed and stunned, after all the walking and taking pictures, writing about it, sorting the videos and photos, I am happy to be able to relax for a while.
Our next trip will go to Melbourne and Adelaide. I will update you as soon as possible.

Please forgive me for all my spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes!!
My mother tongue is German.

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