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Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017


Coal and coal and the ocean is watching

Newcastle is the next bigger city in our closer environment, so it was just a matter of time, when we would drive there to see it. What I read about it, was not really appealing to me. According to the travel guide book Newcastle was just one big coal industry - from the mines, to the railway bringing the coal in, to the big cargo ships in the industrial harbour to take the coals away.
When we passed by some of the coal production, we knew, there was supposed to be a wind turbine as well. It was gone. We don't know why, but I think it is save to assume, that they needed the space for coal delivery.

Artisan Market

Arts and crafts market in Newcastle
After driving in through all the industrial areas, I didn't expect much of the city. Our first stop was the artisan market and it actually made up for the bad parts of this trip! Artists in all kind of fields! Leather bound books, paintings, wonderful ideas for living, jewelry - everything was done in such a loving and caring way, you could feel the passion of the artists.

Alongside the harbour

The promenade alongside the harbour
After we strolled a while through the nice stalls, we decided to go to the harbour. Against expectations, it was not a filthy industrial harbour - I mean, it was an industrial harbour but you didn't see much of it - except for big ships coming in and going out and outside of the harbour, waiting in line to be allowed to come in. The water looked really clean and blue and the promenade was actually nice! We also walked a little through the oldest parts of Newcastle. Here some nice decorated old houses made the city really interesting. It seemed like - even though the city is not that beautiful - all the people make a big effort to make it more attractive. And it works! Small shells decorating doors, plants with knitted art craft around them, balconies with mosaic stones. I bow to you, citizens  of Newcastle for your great effort.
Nice views open up, when you least expect it
Please, forgive me for all my spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes. My mother tongue is German. 

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