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Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017


Jungle, skyscrapers and beautiful temples

The first stop of my around-the-world-trip was Singapore. We got four days in this beautiful city. Really beautiful! I was honestly surprised when passing through all the tress on our way from the airport to the hotel. I have never seen a city that was in such a symbioses with nature.

The view to the skyscrapers from the middle of a park

Colourful Singapore

Me in the middle of the orchids
When we left Austria, there was snow everywhere, now in Singapore, it was damp and hot and green. But not just green - our first stop were the Botanical Gardens full of colourful flowers. It's no wonder, that it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Especially the Orchid Gardens made us feel like we were in a magical world full of flowers. For those of the tourists who couldn't bare the heat, there was a cool house - filled with orchids from cooler areas.
After having lunch in the park we went to Hard Rock Café - A must in all my holidays!

The best view over the City

The view from the Singapore Flyer
In the evening we went to take the Singapore Flyer. For a long time this was with 165m height the tallest of all observation wheels. Since 2014 another one in China is even bigger. Still, we had a great view over the city. But the even better view was afterwards: When we went for dinner, we crossed a bridge and saw the amazing night skyline of Singapore!

Beautiful night skyline!

Little India? Sleepy India!

Such colourful houses in Little India!
The next morning, I went to Little India to enjoy the colourfull streets and open bazaars. Unfortunately everybody was asleep. I was the only tourist on the streets - and felt really observed by the locals. The famous bazaar was not yet built up and I could only enjoy the beauty of some nicely painted houses. Since there was not much to see yet, I decided to come back later and went on to the Singapore River. The view over it is amazing! First you just see the green park, then as you continue you will see the little houses that stood there many years ago and then in the background the skyscrapers appear and you got this amazing view over green and old and new.
The last stop before returning to the hotel was the landmark of Singapore: The lion with the fishtail! It is not old - it was actually just made in the 1960s.

The famous lion with the fishtail called Merlion

Futuristic Gardens By The Bay

The bridge between the Super Trees
In the afternoon we went to the famous Gardens By The Bay. It's a futuristic park, merging jungle and artificial trees. For a small fee you can go up the super trees and walk a bridge over the jungle, enjoying the wind and the view. Even better than what we saw from the Singapore Flyer!
There are also two greenhouses in the park. One is called "Cloud Forest" - you can walk up a mountain, enjoy the waterfall falling down and the mild climate and the flowers that grow higher up in the mountains. The second one is the "Flower Dome". It's supposed to be full of blossoms and colours. After the beauty we saw in the Orchid Gardens, it was a little bit
My travel teddy in the greenhouse
The famous Super Trees by Night
disappointing. Nothing compared to all the blooming orchids.
In the evening the futuristic trees turn into a light show.
Thousands of people came together to see the spectacle. But pictures say more than a thousand words - so just take a look!

The light spectacle 

The mountain in the Cloud Forest

view over the Singapore River to the greenhouses and the Flyer

Into the Jungle

I think they were ignoring me on purpose
Singapore contains one out of two primary rainforests inside a city - the other one being in Rio de Janeiro - so we had to go for a hike there. First we were a little disappointed because everything was made for tourists - there were sealed roads (everything was accessible with a wheelchair!) and neat - not untouched and wild like we imagined (like having to use a machete to get through). On top of the highest natural point of Singapore (around 164 m) we met some lovely girls from the US and Canada (if it's you reading this, please leave a comment, I would love to stay in touch!). On our way down we met some even funnier creatures - little Makaken (monkeys).

China Town

Colourful art in a Chinese temple
In the evening I visited China Town for the first time - and I was disappointed again. The China Town Heritage Center was made nicely but had - for me - too little concrete information about the culture that manifested in Singapore because of all these Chinese people immigrating. The rest of what I saw was just a bazaar again - so full of tourists I couldn't spot anything nice. But - and here is the big BUT - I found out, that there are many nice mosques and temples in China Town - So I came back the next day and enjoyed beautiful religious art in the temples, I saw offerings, statues and the most exquisite rooftops. So in the end I was amazed by China Town and if you go to Singapore one day, you have to visit the temples there!

Saying good-bye again

The view over the Singapore River

After only four days, we had to say good-bye to this lovely city! It was nothing like I've ever seen before. Clean and neat and colourful and dreamy and futuristic! I enjoyed it very, very much! To all the nice people, who helped me find my way out of the train stations (that was very complicated), back to the underground and to all the wonderful sights: Thank you so much!

Please forgive me for all my spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes!!
My mother tongue is German..

Little and tall - Singapore has it all :)

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