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Montag, 20. März 2017


Sydney - A unique and diverse city

Our last stop in Australia before leaving again is Sydney - the city, that should be Australia's capital. The city has some perks, some nice views, some special atmospheres but at the end of the day, it's just a big city.
Our first view at Sydney Harbour and the Opera House

Strolling through the Rocks

The Rocks
Our very first stop in Sydney were the famous "Rocks". This very old part of Sydney turned not just into a lovely picture opportunity but also into a wonderful strolling area full of coffee houses, restaurants, bars, etc.
From the harbour side you also have a good view to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. But well, after spending three days in Sydney, I have to say, that the Rocks are just my favourite spot to chill, go for a walk and enjoy the smalltown-feeling around the old buildings.

Taking tourist pictures

The view of the Opera House from Macquary Lookout
From the Rocks we walked to the two most iconic sights of Sydney: The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. From one you always had the perfect view to the other. After not spending 180 A$ to climb the Harbour Bridge, we just walked over it to enjoy the wind up high and look down on Sydney Harbour.
Our next stop was the Macquarie Lookout. Another nice spot, where you can see - again - the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It seems like the whole city center (at least the harbourside city center) is about finding nice photo opportunities for those two sights.

Another walk through the city

Our last stop of our first day was Darling Harbour, where we sucked up a bit more of Sydney's atmosphere. Also: Hard Rock Café - you guys know, I am a big fan and had to get my glas.

A bit of green

Me - hugging a faun in the Botanical Gardens
Our famous stop in every city: The Botanical Gardens. Sydney's - although highly praised by many of our friends, who have been there - is... on the lower ranking. The Gardens are pretty small and more garden-like - less a jungle like others. Though two things are special in Sydney Botanical Gardens: The beautiful Government House and the very old, very big, very tall trees.

Books and books and books

I just love libraries...
Another one of my "have to see in every city I go to" stops was the State Library of New South Wales. Yes, another library, more books, more exhibitions (this time two photo exhibitions, one about sun bathing, the other about Sydneys Gardens - that was pretty nice).
Funny thing happend there. I asked, if it is possible to go up the gallery, to make pictures of the reading room from above. The guy working there, just laughed: "This building is 70 years old - that's too much for it". 70 years is nothing, but hey, rules are rules.

A church with a magical ceiling

The marvelous St. Mary's cathedral from the inside!
I am always intrigued by religious buildings. People, who worship, tend to make beautiful architecture, no matter what religion. So we had to see the biggest church of Australia and the biggest catholic church of the southern hemisphere: St. Mary's cathedral. This building must be magical. If you walk in, it looks like if you were just walking out. The windows make it seem as if you are standing in the night and the sun, that is shining in, looks like the building is light up inside. The ceiling just vanishes - like a dark night sky. Definitively a Must-See in Sydney.

The most famous beach of the southern hemisphere

Although skeptical, we decided to see the Bondi Beach - A city beach, crowded and touristy and ... actually nothing special. I was skeptical, I still am. Well, not really skeptical: Now, I know, there is nothing special about this beach and I have no idea, why it is famous. I was told, it is more about seeing and being seen. I don't really understand that concept.
Bondi Beach - the most famous beach of the southern hemisphere
I know it doesn't look too crowded but it was a rainy day - not in that moment - but it did rain 10 minutes before the picture
was taken.

A bit of ... different

The hippi-hipster-alternativ show off of Australia - that's Newtown. Well, I have to say, it is mostly fucked up, run down, old but not in a good way. But than... You also have those great vintage shops, those antiquaries, these weird atmosphere about everything is possible, everything is allowed and you can be whoever, you want to be. After strolling through the streets of Newtown for some time, I still have no idea how I feel about it. I guess, everybody has to see for themselves.

The famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, picture taken on our way to Manly

Off with the ferries

Me in front of the wonderful view of Sydney from the ferry
Our last sight on our to-do-list was Manly. Less Manly as in the again very touristy and crowded beach and shopping mile, more Manly as in taking the ferry over to it to see the city from another perspective, to enjoy the view of the most famous buildings in Australia from the waterside, taking pictures with the wind in my hair. And yes, it was worth it!

The experience of Adele

I set fire to the rain...
A funny coincidence brought us to Australia in exactly the same time span, where Adele was touring here. So we had no choice! We got tickets and enjoyed this amazing singer. Though I was just a regular fan of Adele - after the concert, she got me hooked! I adore her now! This concert was really a great, great evening, the perfect evening to say good-bye to Sydney.
Although we were one out of almost 100.000 people, put together in trains to go to the Olympic Village - it was worth it!

Please, forgive me for all my spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes!! My mother tongue is German.

All the lights of the 100.000 people listening to Adele sing

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